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Total Signatures (Without a Deal make "Revoke Article 50" the default action.)

Signatures per Hour (Without a Deal make "Revoke Article 50" the default action.)

Action Without a Deal make "Revoke Article 50" the default action.
Total Signatures 101,782 (93,939 for UK constituencies; 92%)
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There is now a grave danger that No Deal will happen simply through inaction. To avoid this catastrophic outcome, the default position must become not No Deal but a revocation of Article 50.

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Despite Parliamentarians having voted strongly against exiting the EU with No Deal, it remains in law the default option should the Government fail to get a deal by the close of 12th April.

We must avoid this outcome at all costs. A revocation of Article 50 is not a vote for No Brexit. It is a return to the status quo for the present, giving the UK time to rethink their Brexit strategy.

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